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Monday, 10 March 2014

Much Needed Update

I'm still sticking to a low carb diet, did quite well on my holiday to Israel last year (their diet is so healthy, mainly meat & salad) and avoided most of the temptations over Christmas. I still do Callanetics for exercise and in January OH and I started ballroom dancing. I only have 1lb to lose before I reach my 2st mark. Needless to say I have been stuck at same weight for last two weeks.  I am now in a size 14 (was 16) and feel really great.  I'm enjoying shopping for clothes again!

The ballroom dancing has been challenging and I was absolutely shattered after the first session.  I have had to cut back on other things until I get adjusted to the extra exercise.  The last few sessions have been much better, with me being not so tired at the end.   The good thing is they are on a Friday night so I have all weekend to recover from them.   I am determined to it up as I really enjoy it and it is something G and I can do together.

B: Sardines on toast (adapted lc fruit & nut bread )with green salad.
L: Low carb garlic bread (again adapted from fruit & nut bread recipe) with lactofree butter and lactofree cheese. 
D: Roast chicken, mashed swede, tbsp carrots, 4 sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, & Bisto best gravy

Drinks: Sparkling water. Redbush tea with watered down lactofree cream (don't like creamy tea)

I got used to eating salad for breakfast whilst in Israel and just continued when I got home.

I have started eating much less on one day a week and find that helps with the weight loss. For example tomorrow I will be having:

B: 2 tbs Flax, raspberries & cream
L: Pkt salted almonds
D: Chicken & leek soup.

I treat myself to 4 small squares of dairy free dark chocolate at the weekend.


Have given up on the sports type of massage and instead I'm going to my local college where I get a aromatherapy detox full body massage for only £6 (every 10th massage is free!).  I am managing to get about 3 a month.  The only disadvantage is it is only available during term time.