Hi everyone thought I would start this blog to keep track of the bits & bobs I get up to each day. I am a stay at home mum with 3 children who are in their teens & twenties. I have had Chronic Lyme Disease for at least 14 years if not more. I am constantly trying to improve my condition. I am a great fan of moneysavingexpert.com and have discovered a few ways of upping my income without too much effort


I have been doing surveys for some months now and have some definite favourites.  Many sites I signed up to proved to be disappointing in that they would send links to surveys, you would complete most of the survey and then get screened out.   I intend to list and comment on the sites I find the easiest and most rewarding.

Valued Opinions

I like this site because it sends you lots of surveys which you are allowed to complete.   Payment for a survery varies from 50p upwards, they also vary in length.   You need to earn £10 before you can 'cash out'.  Payment is in the form of gift cards.  They have gift cards for a wide range of high street stores.   I exchanged my £10 in May this year for a £10 Sainsbury's card, which I then used to buy my free from/ lactose free products.  I only cashed out in May and I already have £6.75 earned since then.  If you would like a referral please email me at lindapgraham47@gmail.com


Well set out site, very easy to navigate, you can even choose the colour of your homepage.   A big advantage of this site is you can claim your reward at only 345 points which equates to £3 paypal.
I tend to cash out at 575 points  which is £5 paypal but that is just personal choice.  You can also get Amazon gift vouchers.  This site sends you plenty of surveys and does not screen you out too often.


This is another survey site that sends lots of surveys and with which you can cash out quite often.  If you become a VIP you are given access to more survey opportunities.  To become a VIP all you have to do is complete the surveys sent to you regularly.  Only one account per household is allowed but quite often they will send surveys to completed by other members of your household ie. there may be a survey specifically for children.     Again payment is in the form of gift vouchers.   1380 points will get you a £10 gift card.  If you would like to join please email me at lindapgraham47@gmail.com, I will get a extra 100 points for referring you.


You Gov send 2-3 surveys a month.  As you can only cash out once you have reached £50 it takes quite a while to accumulate.  It usually takes me between 12-18 months.  Despite the long wait for payment I still like this site.    It gives you an opportunity to give your views on  the way the country is being run.  On the YouGov website there is plenty to do, you can complete Opigrams which are little surveys about anything and everything you are interested in.   You can also comment on day to day events in the news & parliament.


 I like this site because it sends you very short surveys.   You collect points for each survey which you can exchange for giftcards.  I'm currently saving mine to get either a £10 Sainsbury's voucher or a £10 Tesco voucher. There are loads to choose from, Asda, Iceland, Matalan etc.   I need 20,000 points and have 4960 so far.  I only do these surveys once I have completed those from the sites listed above.  If you wish to join please email me at lindapgraham47@gmail.co.uk  I will get 200 points when you sign up. 

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