Hi everyone thought I would start this blog to keep track of the bits & bobs I get up to each day. I am a stay at home mum with 3 children who are in their teens & twenties. I have had Chronic Lyme Disease for at least 14 years if not more. I am constantly trying to improve my condition. I am a great fan of moneysavingexpert.com and have discovered a few ways of upping my income without too much effort

Chronic Lyme Disease by Linda Graham

The symptoms of Lyme Disease can be similar to those of ME but the cause of those symptoms is very different.  Lyme Disease is caused by a bacterial infection whereas the cause of ME is as yet unknown.  One of the main treatments for Lyme Disease is antibiotics.   When I was first diagnosed with LD I was put on a concoction of antibiotics which I took for a period of about two years.  Until I started taking antibiotics I saw little improvement in my condition.  I improved considerably with antibiotics.  I had to be treated privately as I could not get a diagnosis through the NHS.   Finances have made it impossible to continue with the private treatment so now I take Samento which is a form of Cats Claw and is, I believe, a natural antibiotic.  I also take supplements such as EFA, Q10, Vitamin C, a good multivitamin and milk thistle.

Below I have listed a few links to resources about Lyme Disease.

What is Lyme Disease

Late & Chronic Lyme Disease 
Chronic Lyme Disease & ME/CFS 

Support Groups for Lyme Disease 



Supplements & Herbs 


I get quite a lot of my supplements from here.  Even with postage costs and the occasional customs fee it still works out cheaper than buying in the UK.  As well as vitamins & supplements it is also a good resource for low carb products.

Simply Supplements 

I tend to get my EFA from here as they often have it on buy one get one free offer.


This is where I get my Samento from.  I buy 3 at a time as this way you qualify for a discount, saving even more.  Delivery is fairly quick too, usually about a fortnight.  I have not been charged  customs fees with this site perhaps because they tend to send things airmail.

Useful Links:

 Epsom Detox Bath
Hansa Centre for Optimum Health
ME North East

How Lyme Disease Affects Me by Linda Graham

The Dr who diagnosed me as having Lyme Disease believes I have not had a 100% good health since I was 10 years old.    I do know that my energy levels took a nose dive about 14 years ago.   Since then my husband has shouldered most of the housework/child care.    I take care of the weekly shopping and cook the evening meal each day, anything in addition to this is  a bonus.   I have great difficulty in concentrating, I have a terrible memory, thus my cognitive skills are very much affected by the LD.   When I was really ill I could not stand noise, this was especially difficult when my youngest child was only 2 years old.   As soon as my husband returned from work I would go sit in the bedroom away from the noise of the children and the TV.   I'm glad to say I'm not as bad as that now and can enjoy being part of the family once again.

I get tired very easily.  I try to stick to a routine, gradually increasing my tasks very slowly.  I had a very good spell not so long ago when I was able to join in most family activities and do quite a lot of the household tasks, I even got up to walking (very slowly) up to 3 miles without getting too tired.   However two years ago, I had a relapse and was back to square one.    I think the relapse was caused because, feeling so much better I attempted to do to many new things too quickly.  I am gradually building up my stamina again and hope that this time I will be more sensible. I can only manage about 1/2 mile now without getting tired.  I only occasionally do the hoovering, whereas a few years ago I was managing to hoover the whole house at least once per week.   It is frustrating having to start over again, but this is the way with Lyme Disease.

As mentioned on the home page, I am currently trying to get my weight down.  I believe if I can lose weight then I will need less energy to get around.  Trouble is I need energy to do the exercises! right.  In the past I followed a anti candida regime which eliminated all sugars (including fruit) from my diet .  I lost a stone doing that.  Stupidly during a particularly stressful time I started eating chocolates & sugary things again.  I have now put the stone, plus some more, back on.   This is why I am trying the a low carb diet.   So far I have successfully lost just over a stone.

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