Hi everyone thought I would start this blog to keep track of the bits & bobs I get up to each day. I am a stay at home mum with 3 children who are in their teens & twenties. I have had Chronic Lyme Disease for at least 14 years if not more. I am constantly trying to improve my condition. I am a great fan of moneysavingexpert.com and have discovered a few ways of upping my income without too much effort

Friday, 30 November 2012

Yay Its Friday - 30th November 2012

B: 3 rashers of bacon & fried egg
L: 2 lamb chops & roasted green beans.  Peanuts
D: Chilli with spicy celeriac chips.  2 squares 84% chocolate

Callanetics: 40 mins

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Baking - Thursday 29 November 2012

B: 2 rashers of bacon, fried egg & celeriac cake
L: 2 lamb chops, cabbage, curry sauce.
D: Bolognese with green beans & celeriac chips. Mug of Cocoa

Callanetics: 40 mins

Slept much better last night and what a difference it makes.  Feeling much more with it and motivated.   Hoping to make a tray of mini Christmas cakes today, that will leave just two corned beef & potato pies to do.  Once the pies are done I can start making low carb stuff for myself.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Low Carb Lemon Curd - Wednesday 28 November 2012



25g/1oz unsalted butter
1 organic lemon
1 free range egg

Melt butter in a basin over a pan of boiling water.  When soft, remove from heat and grate the rind of a well-scrubbed lemon into the melted butter, then squeeze the lemon and add the juice.  Beat with a wooden spoon, then add the egg and continue to beat.  Return basin to the heat over the pan and stir constantly until the mixture thickens.  I expect this would go great with flax pancakes.

Daily Update

Still struggling with energy levels, beginning to panic over all there is still to do before Christmas.  Discussed with OH  and he has agreed to help with putting decorations up etc.

Tuesday's Menu

B; Low carb raspberry cheesecake
L: Cream cheese cabbage rolls & peanut butter cabbage rolls.  Cashew nuts.
D:  Pilchard curry with cabbage & cauliflower bhaji.  Mug of Cocoa

Was really tempted to have chocolate but resisted.

Wednesday's Menu

B: 3 rashers of bacon, fried egg & celeriac cake
L: Lamb chop & roasted green beans
D: Pilchard curry with cabbage & cauliflower bhaji.  Mug of Cocoa

Callanetics: 35 mins.

  Slept a little better last night so that has given me an energy spurt today.  Hope to get callanetics done and sort jams out ready for friend to collect.   Got the heating on today as well as the woodburner and I think that is helping me to feel better.  I think when I'm cold all my energy goes into keeping me warm.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Quickie Post - Monday 26 November 2012

Just got time to post yesterday and today's menu's


B: Low carb raspberry cheesecake
L: Pork chop, mashed celeriac, broccoli, sprouts, carrots, cabbage & parsnip
T: Fried egg and two celeriac cakes (like potato cakes but with celeriac).  Peanuts.  4 squares 84% chocolate.


B: 3 rashers of bacon, celeriac cake & fried egg.
L: Pork chop and roasted green beans
D: Braised steak, mashed swede, cabbage, carrots and roasted celeriac. Mug of cocoa

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Chip Night - Saturday 24 November 2012

Looks like I forgot to post yesterdays menu, so here it is:

Friday's Menu
B: Fried egg and 3 rashers of bacon
L: 3 sausages & stir fried cabbage.  Peanuts
D: Chilli  with celeriac Chips & cabbage.  2 pieces of 84% chocolate.

Callanetics: 35 mins.

Made another gingerbread, just one more to go now.

Saturday's Menu

B: Low Carb blueberry cheesecake
L: 2 boiled eggs with celery sticks.  Peanuts
D: 3 sausages, spicy celeriac chips & roasted green beans.  2 pieces 84% chocolate.

After sleeping in till 10 am, I got Lidl shopping done, including 3 free advent calendar's which will go in the food bank bag.   Did some Christmas shopping online and a few surveys.

Saturday night in our family has traditionally been 'chip night' when we go to the local chippy, so as not to miss out I'm having celeriac chips which I like much better anyway.

After putting on 1lb in weight last week I'm pleased to announce I have lost it again this week :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Thursday's Menu - 22 November 2012

B: 3 rashers of bacon, a fried egg and mushrooms.
L: 3 sausages and stir fried cabbage & celery.  Cashew nuts
D: Bolognese with cabbage.  Mug of Cocoa

Callanetics: 35 mins.

Made a gingerbread today, one down two more to go.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Low Carb & Lactofree Chicken Supreme - Wednesday 21 November 2012

Chicken Supreme

Any left over chicken, diced.
About 6 mushrooms chopped
2 tbsps chicken stock (optional)
1 tub lactofree soft cheese
1 carton lactofree cream

In a largish saucepan melt the cream cheese.  Gradually add the  diced chicken.  If it is too thick to work then add a little cream, a little at a time.  Continue adding small amounts of chicken, cream & mushrooms until all used up.  Finally add the chicken stock.   Simmer for about 10-15 mins stirring occasionally.   The rest of my family had this with pasta, it  can also be served with rice.  As you can see I had broccoli and celeriac chips.

Had a much better sleep last night and after just one day being back on low carb my head is much better and I can think straight again.  Energy levels are still low but now I'm back on the straight and narrow these should improve too.


B: 3 rashers of bacon
L:  4 small lamb chops, stir fried cabbage & celery.
D: 2 boiled eggs.  Cashew nuts.  Mug of Cocoa

Hoping to get some ironing done otherwise I'll have nothing to wear!

Its supposed to be House Group tonight but it depends if OH gets back from work on time.  I hate turning up half way through a study.  

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Resisting Temptation - Tuesday 20 November 2012

B: Blueberry low carb cheesecake
L: 4 squares of Lactofree cheese, peanuts , brazil nuts, & 2 pieces 74% chocolate.
D:  Chicken Supreme with cauliflower & celeriac chips.

Head still bad today finding it very difficult to think clearly.   Just wanted to get the shopping done and get home again.  No idea what I've bought!   I know I bought a small tub of ice cream because I had a coupon making it very cheap, and I thought it would be a treat for my son.   Half way round the shop I was feeling quite hungry and was very tempted to pig out.  I even got to the extent of looking down the bakery isle.  I then told myself I did not want to end up at 16st and I would feel even worse if I ate this rubbish.   When I got home decided to have a really quick and easy to prepare lunch, and to give in and have chocolate to take away any temptation to eat other high carb sweet stuff.   Really struggling energy wise.  I've not even lit the fire yet but caved in and put the central heating on.   Instead of doing a big roast dinner I have opted for the easier option of Chicken supreme.

Monday's Menu - 19 November 2012

Didn't get enough time on the computer yesterday to post my menu so here it is:


B: Blueberry low carb 'cheesecake
L: Roast chicken leg, roasted celeriac, mashed swede, carrots, sprouts & broccoli.
T: Cauliflower & cream cheese soup.  Peanuts.  2 squares 74% chocolate.  Mug of cocoa

Not been sleeping well the last few nights and as a result I feel dreadful with a really woolly head that makes it difficult to think straight.

Monday's Menu:

B: 3 rashers of bacon & fried egg.
L: 2 lamb chops & roasted green beans
D:  KFC 2 piece variety meal ( part of new job, unfortunately)

Callanetics: 35 mins

Well had KFC and felt awful afterwards.  Will have to try and get take away jobs in future then I can give the food to my son.  Still feeling dreadful and have come to the conclusion it is partly due to the rubbish I've been eating.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Low Carb Bubble & Squeak - Saturday 17 November 2012

B: Low Carb Blueberry 'cheesecake'
L:  Cauliflower & cream cheese soup.  Peanuts.
D: Low carb bubble & squeak, fried spam & fried egg.  2 squares 74% chocolate.  Mug of Cocoa

Low Carb Bubble & Squeak

1 Cup of cooked cabbage
1 cup of diced onions (I used frozen ones)
1 Cup of mashed celeriac
Salt & pepper

Fry the onions in a little oil or butter.  Add the cabbage, followed by the mashed celeriac.  Cook until thoroughly heated. 

Had a much easier day today.  After doing the Lidl shop I decided to do something a little less energetic.  I am glad to say I have now got my Christmas cards all written!   I have just finished listing things on Ebay as it is Free Listing this weekend.  Slept much better the last two nights, just need a few more good nights sleep and hopefully my energy levels will start to pick up again.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Finally Its Friday - 16 November 2012

B; Fried spam & egg
L: Cauliflower and cream cheese soup.  Peanuts
D:  Mince, mashed celeriac, carrots & cabbage.  Mug of Cocoa

Callanetics: 35 mins.

Off to the cinema tonight to see Private Peaceful.  Read the book and loved it.

Exhausted Today - Thursday 15 November 2012

B: Spam & fried egg
L: Four squares of Lactofree cheese.  Pistachios
D: Indian Omelette with fried cabbage.

Not been  sleeping well the last few nights and it finally  caught up with me today.  Feel absolutely exhausted but have to keep going.  OH is out all day so I need to be here for DS and I have promised to serve the teas & coffees at the quiz tonight so can't get out of that.

Back again! - Wednesday 14 November 2012

Had terrible day yesterday. Ate pastries, pies, & cakes after the funeral. Then there was so much left we all brought a little home and I had the same again for tea because I was too tired to make anything else. I thought it would be a real treat but after eating one or two items off my plate I realised I wasn't enjoying it at all and much prefered my low carb food. As always when I eat things containing lactose I ended up with a sore mouth but at least I haven't had the stomach cramps too. So glad to get back to normality today.

B:  Bacon & egg
L:Spam & fried cabbage.
D: Haddock & Celeriac chips with green beans.

Missed house group tonight as I'm so tired and will be out Thursday and Friday evenings.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Apologies - Tuesday 6 November 2012

My apologies for not posting but a close family member died early this morning and so I think it will be a week or two before I get back to my regular posts.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Window shopping - Saturday 3 November 2012

B; Fried egg & 2 rashers of bacon
L:  Bilton.  Blueberry 'cheesecake'
T: 2 boiled eggs.  Peanuts. 2 squares 85% chocolate.

After Lidl shop decided to do a spot of window shopping.  Had a look in Sainsbury's as there is a 25% off clothing sale, saw some slippers I like but non in my size.   Then went to Homebase to look at wallpaper.  I've been wanting to decorate the dining room for sometime now and have decided to start collecting vouchers for homebase so I can get some wallpaper.  It will be sometime before I have enough vouchers.

Have felt really cold today and have not wanted to move far from the woodburner.   Have to really bundle myself up when using the computer as this room is freezing, roll on when I can get my laptop.

Friday's Menu - 2 November 2012

Brunch: Fried egg & 3 rashers of bacon.
Snack:  Peanuts. 2 squares from carob bar.
D:  Chilli Meatloaf, sausage, cabbage, carrots, celeriac.  

Callanetics:  35 mins.

Fairly uneventful day today.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Baking Day - Thursday 1 November 2012

B; Fried egg & 2 rashers of bacon
L: Cauliflower & cream cheese soup.
D:  Chilli Meatloaf, mashed swede, cabbage & green beans.  Mug of Cocoa

Callanetics: 35 mins

Made more apple pies today, really need more freezer space.   Will have to concentrate on things that will keep outside the freezer.

Running out of Low carb ideas for lunch.  Although there isn't much room in the freezer there's not a lot of low carb stuff in there.