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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Low Carb Lemon Curd - Wednesday 28 November 2012



25g/1oz unsalted butter
1 organic lemon
1 free range egg

Melt butter in a basin over a pan of boiling water.  When soft, remove from heat and grate the rind of a well-scrubbed lemon into the melted butter, then squeeze the lemon and add the juice.  Beat with a wooden spoon, then add the egg and continue to beat.  Return basin to the heat over the pan and stir constantly until the mixture thickens.  I expect this would go great with flax pancakes.

Daily Update

Still struggling with energy levels, beginning to panic over all there is still to do before Christmas.  Discussed with OH  and he has agreed to help with putting decorations up etc.

Tuesday's Menu

B; Low carb raspberry cheesecake
L: Cream cheese cabbage rolls & peanut butter cabbage rolls.  Cashew nuts.
D:  Pilchard curry with cabbage & cauliflower bhaji.  Mug of Cocoa

Was really tempted to have chocolate but resisted.

Wednesday's Menu

B: 3 rashers of bacon, fried egg & celeriac cake
L: Lamb chop & roasted green beans
D: Pilchard curry with cabbage & cauliflower bhaji.  Mug of Cocoa

Callanetics: 35 mins.

  Slept a little better last night so that has given me an energy spurt today.  Hope to get callanetics done and sort jams out ready for friend to collect.   Got the heating on today as well as the woodburner and I think that is helping me to feel better.  I think when I'm cold all my energy goes into keeping me warm.

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