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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Resisting Temptation - Tuesday 20 November 2012

B: Blueberry low carb cheesecake
L: 4 squares of Lactofree cheese, peanuts , brazil nuts, & 2 pieces 74% chocolate.
D:  Chicken Supreme with cauliflower & celeriac chips.

Head still bad today finding it very difficult to think clearly.   Just wanted to get the shopping done and get home again.  No idea what I've bought!   I know I bought a small tub of ice cream because I had a coupon making it very cheap, and I thought it would be a treat for my son.   Half way round the shop I was feeling quite hungry and was very tempted to pig out.  I even got to the extent of looking down the bakery isle.  I then told myself I did not want to end up at 16st and I would feel even worse if I ate this rubbish.   When I got home decided to have a really quick and easy to prepare lunch, and to give in and have chocolate to take away any temptation to eat other high carb sweet stuff.   Really struggling energy wise.  I've not even lit the fire yet but caved in and put the central heating on.   Instead of doing a big roast dinner I have opted for the easier option of Chicken supreme.

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