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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Monday's Menu - 19 November 2012

Didn't get enough time on the computer yesterday to post my menu so here it is:


B: Blueberry low carb 'cheesecake
L: Roast chicken leg, roasted celeriac, mashed swede, carrots, sprouts & broccoli.
T: Cauliflower & cream cheese soup.  Peanuts.  2 squares 74% chocolate.  Mug of cocoa

Not been sleeping well the last few nights and as a result I feel dreadful with a really woolly head that makes it difficult to think straight.

Monday's Menu:

B: 3 rashers of bacon & fried egg.
L: 2 lamb chops & roasted green beans
D:  KFC 2 piece variety meal ( part of new job, unfortunately)

Callanetics: 35 mins

Well had KFC and felt awful afterwards.  Will have to try and get take away jobs in future then I can give the food to my son.  Still feeling dreadful and have come to the conclusion it is partly due to the rubbish I've been eating.

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