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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bad Patch - Wednesday 23 January 2013

I think Christmas and the extra activity these last few weeks are taking their toll.  This week I am struggling.  I've absolutely no energy, have brain fog and can't think straight.  Eating chocolates and sugary foods has not helped, in fact I think its a major contributor to how I'm feeling at the moment.  Finding it difficult to plan, cook meals, and then have the energy to eat them.   Decided today to keep house work, meetings etc to  a minimum.  I've made a pan of cauliflower and cream cheese soup that will do lunch for the next 3 days.   Decided I will have 85% chocolate each day until I get the cravings under control and then gradually cut down so I only have chocolate at weekends.  When will I learn! Each Christmas I say I will not give in to the high carb foods or chocolates and each time I fail and end up like this!  Despite the lack of energy I'm determined to keep up with the Callanetics even if it means not doing anything else.  I have cut back to doing them only twice a week instead of three but I do feel much better once I've completed a Callanetics session.


B: Fried egg & bacon
L: Cauliflower & Cream cheese soup.  Piece of Lactofree cheese
D: Bolognese with cabbage.  Mixed nuts.  85% chocolate.

Hoping to tackle a small portion of the ironing pile later today - I need some clean clothes to wear!

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