Hi everyone thought I would start this blog to keep track of the bits & bobs I get up to each day. I am a stay at home mum with 3 children who are in their teens & twenties. I have had Chronic Lyme Disease for at least 14 years if not more. I am constantly trying to improve my condition. I am a great fan of moneysavingexpert.com and have discovered a few ways of upping my income without too much effort

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Encouragement - Wednesday 30 January 2013

Just tried a top I bought a few years ago but was too tight - It now FITS!  I will have to tone up a little bit more if I want to wear a jumper underneath but I am thrilled at the progress made, just the encouragement I need to keep going.   I've got another summer top was too tight when I bought it, so my next goal is to get comfortably into that.

Tuesday's Menu

B: Raspberries, ground almonds & flax with cream.
L: Low Carb bubble & squeak with 3 sausages.  Few salted almonds.
D:  Baked Pollock with celeriac chips & green beans.  85% chocolate

Wednesday's Menu

B: Scrambled Egg & bacon
L: 2 lamb chops and roasted green beans.  Salted Almonds
D: Bolognese with cabbage.  85% chocolate.

Callanetics: 45 mins

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