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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Bye Bye Mr T - Tuesday 15 January 2013

Succeeded in avoiding Mr T's today.  Got all I needed from Aldi, Iceland and Sainsbury's.  Must admit I think it will be slightly more expensive but I'm going to try and manage.  I much prefer Sainsbury's for Customer service.  I will get vegetables and meat etc from Lidl at the weekend.


B: Flax Porridge
L: Lactofree cheese.  Nut mixture (walnuts, Brazil's & hazelnuts)
D: Chilli with Celeriac wedges & cabbage.  2 squares 85% chocolate.

Snack; Peanuts.

I think because I didn't have a substantial enough lunch I felt hungry this evening so ended up eating chocolate and peanuts.   After shopping I just didn't have time to prepare a proper lunch.   Hope to do better the rest of the week.   Have recently discovered that Cashew nuts are quite high in carbs so I'm hoping to phase them out and gradually stock up on lower carb nuts such as walnuts, Brazil's etc.

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