Hi everyone thought I would start this blog to keep track of the bits & bobs I get up to each day. I am a stay at home mum with 3 children who are in their teens & twenties. I have had Chronic Lyme Disease for at least 14 years if not more. I am constantly trying to improve my condition. I am a great fan of moneysavingexpert.com and have discovered a few ways of upping my income without too much effort

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Thursday 14 February 2013

7.50 am Cup of Redbush Tea.  Family prayers
8.00      Computer
9.00      Breakfast: Egg & bacon.
10.00    Got Dressed.
10.15    Lit woodburner
10.45    Prepped Mince and put on to slow cook
11.15    Made soup
12.00    Computer
1.00 pm  Lunch: Homemade soup.  Cup of Redbush Tea.
1.30 pm Quiet Time
2.00 -4 pm Spreadsheets
4.00 -4.30  Prepped vegetables for Tea.
5.30         Made packed lunch
5.45        Filled coal bucket
5.50        Cup of Redbush Tea
6.30        Served Tea: Mince, mashed swede, sprouts, cabbage, broccoli.  85% chocolate.  
7.00        Watched TV
9.00        Cup of Redbush Tea
10.00-11pm   Computer

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