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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Chicken Liver Pate - Wednesday 8 August 2012

B: Scrambled eggs & 3 rashers of bacon
L: Tuna fish salad
D: Chicken in cheese sauce, Broccoli.  Berries & lactofree cream.

Had my nose in a book for the last few days hence not posting much.   Books are finished now so back to the real world.   Off to the allotment sometime today.   Even if I do give it up it still needs to be weeded & tended until the end of the year.   OH is talking about doing digging and cutting the grass/keeping paths tidy so all I have to do is look after the plants.  It sounds like a good idea but he has so much to do already I doubt he'll be able to keep it up.   I just feel so unmotivated for the allotment this year.  I feel I am fighting a losing battle and all my time is spent keeping the paths cleared.   The area around the compost bins is a mess and  I don't have the strength/energy to clear it.   The allotment just feels like a burden to me instead of the pleasure it used to give.

Decided I would add another of the recipes I found.  Since becoming lactose intolerant I have not been able to eat pate as most shop bought ones contain milk or cream.   Whilst reading these low carb books I realised I could have pate if I made my own and used lactofree cream.   So here is a recipe which I have adapted

Chicken Liver Pate

1/2 cup butter                                                  12 large fresh mushrooms
1 lb chicken livers                                           1/2 cup brandy
1 medium onion, chopped                               1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp  dried thyme                                         1/8 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp dried rosemary                                     fresh parsley to garnish
1 bay leaf 

In a large frying pan , melt butter.   Add chicken livers and onion.  Stir over medium heat for about 10 minutes.  Add thyme, rosemary, bay leaf and mushrooms.  Stir frequently while cooking for 5 mins.

Discard bay leaf, and pour mixture into a blender.  Pour in brandy, salt and pepper.  Blend for 2 mins.   Pour into ramekins or other suitable containers.  Chill.

Garnish with parsley before serving.

This can be covered and stored in the fridge for a week.

Of course I intend to replace the butter with lactofree butter.

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