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Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday 24 August 2012

B: Flax muesli
L: Pork curls, peanuts & 2 squares  81% chocolate
D:2 sausages, 1 rasher bacon, 1/2 tin tomatoes, fried mushrooms.

Had a lovely 2 hours bilberrying yesterday.  I now know what a bilberry plant looks like!  Got enough to make a couple of pounds of jam.  Really needed more time to gather them.    My friend took me to a lovely Fell near my home which I'd not been to before, wish I'd taken the camera and the heather was out and it looked beautiful.  I now have another place where I can forage.  Think I may go again next month, (time permitting), and gather some brambles/blackberries.

Off out for a trip to Dumfries today.  Rest of the family will be ice skating whilst I either watch them (I can't ice skate) or wander round the town.  Not sure what I will make for tea, I know the children will be having McDonald's.

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