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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Its Freezing! - Saturday 1 December 2012

Welcome to a new month, it is absolutely freezing today, I did not want to venture outside at all, but had to make the weekly trip to Lidl.   Also had to get more wood in just in case it decides to snow.  I pity DD2  who is climbing Snowdonia today brrr.

B: Low Carb raspberry cheesecake
L:  2 boiled eggs .  Peanuts. Brazil nuts
D:  Smoked haddock with broccoli in a cheese sauce.  2 squares 84% chocolate.

So dissapointed this morning to discover I haven't lost any weight this week.  I felt I'd worked really hard doing callanetics and sticking to my diet. I think perhaps I'm not drinking enough. I dislike drinking water in winter as it is so cold, I have tried compensating by having more hot drinks. Will just have to continue as I know it will come off at some point.  I would, ideally, like to lose another 4lb before Christmas. 

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