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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Low Carb Christmas Cocoa - Wednesday 12 December 2012

B: Scrambled egg and smokey bacon
L: chicken drumsticks with stir fried cabbage.  Cashew Nuts
D:  Bolognese with cauliflower.  Mug of Cocoa

I always make my cocoa with lactofree cream to ensure I have enough fats but I vary the flavours depending on how I'm feeling. 

Rum:  add a few drops of rum essence or as a real treat use real rum but this will contain carbs
Peppermint: add a few drops of peppermint essence
Cinnamon:  add 1/2-1tsp of cinnamon powder - this is real Christmassy

I also have flavoured tea.   I use Redbush tea leaves and always make tea in the teapot.  To my tea caddy I occasionally add one or all of the following:

bayleaves broken up
cardammon seeds
powdered cinnamon
powdered ginger

I then use the tea mixture as I usually would to make a pot of tea.  The result is a lovely spiced Indian tea.  You can still add milk if you want to, I do!  Of course you could just add a few drops of rum essence to your mug of tea for an alternative flavour!

In the summer I have added mint leaves or even lavender to my tea mixture for a more refreshing taste.

Happy tea drinking everyone!

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