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Friday, 21 September 2012

Jeans! - Friday 21 September 2012

Last night I spilt something on the trousers I was wearing. I was going out to a quiz night so needed to change but didn't have much clean/ironed. Decided to try my jeans, last time they wouldn't fasten. Tonight they went on quite easily and are fairly comfortable, and to top it all we Won the quiz!

B; Fried egg & bacon
L: 2 boiled eggs (struggling for ideas, need to make soup but no time)
Changed my mind, decided I need some greens, so now I'm having; 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1tbsp lactofree cream cheese with lettuce and celery.  Will have a glass of water too.  
D: Chicken Curry with fried cauliflower and okra.  Raspberries & cream

Callanetics: 30 mins

Struggling to drink sufficient water these days.  Now the weather has turned colder I don't really want to have cold water to drink.  Will have to be disciplined as I think this may be one of the reasons for the leg cramps.

Need to get ironing done so that DD2 can get packed.

Set myself a task of listing 2-3 items per day on ebay.  I've quite a few cross stitch charts to list and have been putting it off for months.  I listed 4 yesterday and 4 today, doesn't seem so bad when broken up into smaller lots.

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