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Monday, 17 September 2012

Letting Go - 17 September 2012

 Feeling really emotional and weepy last few days and have snapped at everyone at some point.  Getting really upset at the thought of DD2 going to Uni. This is the second time I've done this and it doesn't get any easier. In fact it is harder this time. With DD1 I was in ignorance when we deposited her at Uni. I thought 'oh it will be ok, at least I'll see her during the hols which are quite long' On the journey home OH quickly dispelled that idea by telling me DD1 had effectively left home, she would have to work during hols and so wouldn't be home as often as I was expecting. This time I know what to expect, DD2 is further away and it will be even harder for her to get home. DD2 is the one I worry about the most. She has mild asthma and food allergies, and is the quiet one, so I guess I've always been more protective of her. Her term does not finish until 24th December so it may be she won't get home for Christmas 

B: Fried egg and bacon, mushrooms.
L: Spam Salad.  Nuts
D: Lamb chops & roasted green beans.  Blueberries & cream.

1 hour Gardening

Dug up first of the potatoes today and managed to transplant the rhubarb and asparagus in our back garden.

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