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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Last Day - 22 September 2012

B: Low carb 'cheesecake'
L:  Celery sticks with lactofree soft cheese & peanut butter
 I don't even like celery but the cheese and peanut butter disguise the taste a little and my taste buds are changing.
D: Chicken Curry & fried cauliflower & okra.  Blueberries & cream.

Last full day with DD2 today.  Lots of last minute things to get done.

Lidl shop resulted in stocking up on pork loin steaks and chicken inner fillets.  We won't need so much now there is only three of us.   I was disappointed to note that Lidl have replaced  their full fat Greek yoghurt with a low fat version.

Need to list stuff on ebay today as it is a free listing weekend.   Then I need to submit till receipts and barcodes to Shop & Scan.

I'm hoping to fit in callanetics somewhere today.  I also need to prepare an overnigth bag for myself and OH.  We are stopping off at a travelodge on Sunday evening to break the journey.   On Monday we will stop off at Sheffield to see DD1.  This means I will not post tomorrow or Monday but I'll be back on Tuesday.

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