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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

10 July 2012

Had a lovely day out yesterday. We had a short, slow walk beside the river and then had lunch in a coffee shop. On the outside it looked like a 'greasy spoon cafe' but inside we were suprised to see it had been decorated in the style of a 60's American Diner. Whilst looking at the menu outside, we decided I would have a chicken tikka jacket potato with salad and I would give the potato to OH. When it came to ordering it turned out they were out of jacket potatoes, so I asked if I could just have the chicken tikka with salad and they were quite happy to do that It did come with coleslaw which I gave to OH because I really dislike it, in fact I dislike anything with mayonnaise, salad cream or ketchup.

I'm so glad I managed the walk as OH said it was probably about a mile and I haven't walked that far for ages. However, this morning I'm feeling the effects and am really tired, but it was worth it for such a lovely day.

On another note, my DD rang up last night, she a medical student and she told us that she had just seen her first birth that day. She says she is never going to have kids!

B: Flax porridge
L: 6 oatcakes, lf spread, lf cheese.  Peanuts
D: 3 chicken drumsticks.  Mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, roasted green beans.  Blueberry low carb microwave sponge.

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