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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Microwave Low Carb Sponge - 4th July 2012 by Linda Graham

Was going to go to the allotment today but the weather doesn't look too good, again!  I can still do callanetics.     Off to church House Group tonight.  May attempt changing one of the beds today.

B: Kippers
L:  Pork loin with salad.
D: Chicken curry with vegetable Bhaji (homemade).   Low carb  microwave sponge

The Kippers are Young's Boil in the bag.  They come with a dollop of butter right in the middle.  Today I cut a hole in the bag took out the butter and replaced it with lactofree spread.

Microwave Low Carb 'Sponge'

25g ground almonds
1 tsp baking powder
pinch salt
3 tsp of splenda (I don't use this)
1 large egg
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp double cream ( I use lactofree cream)
a few drops of vanilla essence


Mix all  the dry ingredients together.   In a plastic bowl melt the butter, add the egg & cream.   Add the dry ingredients and mix. Pour into ramekins/small bowls.    Microwave at 700w for 1min 20.  I usually put a small amount of berries in the bottom of the ramekins as this makes the sponge more moist.   I double up the mixture and get 4-5 ramekin sponges out of it, this will last me almost a week.
I have varied the flavour of the sponge too:  Add a tbsp of cocoa together with a few drops of orange essence to get a chocolate orange sponge.  Not tried yet but I guess you could add any flavour you like using essences.

 I will add the recipe for the Vegetable Bhaji when I've figured it out, I tend to just throw things in the pan.

Weather brightened up so instead of changing the bed I went  to the allotment after all.   Upon getting there I realised I'd forgot to change into my gardening boots!  Still got a little bit of weeding done, although you couldn't see much difference. A few strawberries were ready for picking so will give them to B & A tonight.    Remembered to bring back the spade so OH can put in the dahlia's.  Also checked the blueberry bushes in tubs on our patio, they have LOADS  of berries on them this year, really looking forward to those.

Vegetable Bhaji

1 carrot
1 cup of chopped cabbage
1 cup of carrots chopped quite small.
1 cup cauliflower chopped into small florets
1 onion
2-3 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp  panch phoron (Bengali five spice mix:nigella, black mustard, cumin, fennel and fenugreek. The mix consists of equal ratios of all five) this can be bought from most asian food stores.
1/2 tsp Turmeric
1/8 tsp chilli powder (more if you can take it)

Method Heat a little oil in a pan. Add the bengali five spice & garlic and wait until they are lightly golden brown. Add chopped onion. When onion is softened add turmeric & chilli powder. Add a little water if too dry. Then add carrots & cauliflower. Keep adding small drops of water to stop vegetables from sticking. Lastly add the cabbage. Continue adding water and cook until vegetables are soft (even slightly mushy). Serve. These quantities were enough for two servings. Most Bhaji's start off with the oil, five spice, garlic, & spices. My mum has made bhaji's using, spinach, beetroot leaves, or cauliflower leaves & stalks or even potato leaves. My favourite is spinach & prawn bhaji - cook the spinach as above. In a separate pan, fry prawns in a little oil with turmeric & chilli powder. When the spinach is cooked add the fried prawns, cook for a further 5-10 mins and serve.

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