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Sunday, 15 July 2012

15 July 2012

Feeling a bit fed up today.  Was more disappointed than I thought at not losing weight yesterday.  Either the diet isn't working or I'm doing something wrong.  I keep hearing how others are losing at least 5lbs in their first week and here I am a month in and I've only lost 2lb.   I think I'm getting obsessed about my weight.   Being this size is really getting me down, even my husband weighs less than me now.   Moaning aside, I definately think this is a healthier way to eat, I'm still battling with the amount of fat in the diet but it seems to work for others.   Will just keep plodding on.   I'm dreading putting any more weight on.  I'm also tired from all the extra work involved in preparing this type of food.

B: Bakewell porridge
L: Pork curry & spicy cauliflower
D: Roast chicken ( I will have the leg meat whilst rest of family can have the breast), sprouts, carrots, cabbage, broccoli.   Lactofree ice cream (last of the tub today).

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  1. Hi Linda. I have just skimmed through your blogs and wanted to encourage you to keep going with the weight loss/healthy eating. I likewise sometimes feel obsessed with my weight. Keep going, it will work if you stick to it. I have found that when I include more exercise, the scales tend to respond favourably. All the best.

    ps - I'm also a fan of MSE :)