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Monday, 23 July 2012

Flax Muesli - Monday 23 July

Getting a  bit fed up with flax porridge and still not enjoying eating a cooked breakfast so I tried making my own muesli.

B: Flax muesli
L: 2 boiled eggs
D: chicken drumsticks & stir fried vegetables.  (rest of the family will be having stir fry with rice)

Hoping to get to the allotment today to do some 'gentle' weeding.

Flax Muesli

2 tbsp flax
1 tbsp ground almonds
1 tsp linseeds
2tsps roasted chopped hazelnuts (I got mine from (Tesco)

I just mixed the above dry ingredients together and ate with lactofree cream which had been watered down.  I expect you could play around with the ingredients and add extra seeds or perhaps cinnamon for variety.   I must admit it is a lovely alternative to the flax porridge.   I expect if you made up daily portions of this and put them into sandwich bags it would save you making the mix each morning. 

Went to the allotment today and managed 1.5 hours of weeding.  Just need one more session and that bed will be ready to dig over and cover up.    Came home, had a shower and made tea.  Got a really bad migraine and went to bed. 

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