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Thursday, 5 July 2012

5th July 2012 by Linda Graham

Went to bed last night with a really bad headache and still have it slightly this morning.  Think it must be the pollens.   Got friend coming round this morning.   Have been invited to a coffee morning tomorrow but think I need to give it a miss.  Two nights and a morning socialising is more than enough energy use for one week.  I need to have an easier day and I've decided tomorrow is it!

B: flax porridge
L: Chicken curry & Vegetable Bhaji.  Peanuts.
D: Bolognese sauce on bed of green beans.  Low carb microwave sponge.

Decided to look up 'carb flu' as still don't feel great.  Still got a bit of a headache, feel really tired, muscles have been aching and I keep getting hot flushes (although these could be due to menopause).  I wanted to clarify whether it is a Lyme herx or carb flu.   I found this online which gives examples of other people's carb flu experiences and think that's what it is.  

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