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Monday, 22 October 2012

3 in 1 - Monday 22 October 2012

Apologies for not posting over the weekend but I didn't get much computer time.  To make up I will post all 3 days menu's today.

B: Scrambled egg & bacon
L: Peanuts (had late breakfast and so wasn't hungry)
D: Smoked haddock & green beans.  4 squares 84% chocolate

Was disappointed that Lidl didn't have any Celeriac in this week was really looking forward to 'chips'

 B:  Blueberry 'cheesecake'
L: Pork chop, mashed swede, cabbage, sprouts, 2 pieces of parsnip, carrots, broccoli.
T:  2 boiled eggs.  Roasted peanuts.  2 squares 84% chocolate

B: Fried egg & bacon
L:  Pork chop & salad.  Peanuts
T: 3 Sausages, mashed swede, cabbage, broccoli & carrots.  Mug of cocoa

After eating the 4 squares of chocolate on Saturday I really felt on a 'high'  couldn't relax, or concentrate on much.  Ended up getting up at 5 am on Sunday morning.   Think I need to  look at whether I should be eating chocolate at all.  Not sure what caused the adrenaline rush, whether it was the cocoa, the sugar or a reaction to the milk.  I do know I don't get the same reaction when eating sugar/dairy free carob, but I don't enjoy carob as much as chocolate!  I seem to be ok with mugs of cocoa made with lactofree cream.  I think it is when I eat so much chocolate in one go that it affects me so much .  Must be more disciplined and ration myself.

Yesterday morning I signed up to be a mystery shopper so have that to look forward to sometime in the future.

Today I need to do my callenetics and then clean the bathroom.

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