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Monday, 1 October 2012

Busy Day! - Monday 1st October 2012

B: Fried egg, 1 sausage & 2 bacon
L: Peanut butter, pistachios & 2 squares 74% chocolate
D:  Braised Lamb with mashed swede, cabbage, broccoli & carrots.

Didn't sleep well thinking about all the stuff I had to do.   Started thinking of things to make which I can sell at the church table top sale or on ebay, if only I had the energy to make them!

Printed off coupons for tomorrow's shop whilst eating breakfast.

Did two hours gardening today.  Started off at the allotment where I dug up more potatoes and dug up some raspberry canes.  I then re-planted the canes in our back garden, no easy feat!  I was thoroughly exhausted by the time I'd finished.  Just two more stints at the lotty then I can give it up.

Had a quick shower and even quicker lunch, only had time for snacky stuff.   It felt like I'd just finished lunch and it was time to make tea. I also made some soup for lunches this week, whilst I was preparing the tea.  We went to a Sixth form open evening with DS so I had to start making tea at about 3pm so that we could eat it in plenty of time for 5pm.   Meeting started at 6pm and finished just after 8pm (included walking up three flights of stairs).    On the way home we had to call in at Father in laws to help him with something before finally getting home at about 8.45pm.  Made myself a cup of tea and have just finished sorting out Ebay parcels for the post tomorrow.    Needless to say I am absolutely shattered.  Think I may sleep in  for an extra half hour tomorrow. 

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