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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Indian Style Celeriac 'Chips' - Wednesday 24 October 2012

Its one of those days where I don't seem to be getting much done. Still haven't had a cup of tea this morning. Got work man in repairing/replacing a bathroom tap, Father in law has been to print something off as his printer is broken, window cleaner has been and cleaned the windows IN THE RAIN and I still haven't done any of the jobs I wanted to get done today. The main one is to dig out plants ready for new fence being put in tomorrow. Must get that done this afternoon.

Mr T's got back to me this evening and apologised for my experience. They are sending a £20 giftcard as an apology. They said that over the next few weeks they will be revisiting stores around the country in regards to coupon policy(that they do accept printed coupons) as they have had loads of similar calls this week. Said if it should happen to me again I have to request to see the Duty Manager.

B: Fried egg & two rashers of bacon
L: Spam & salad
T: Pilchard curry & Indian style celeriac 'chips' .  Mug of cocoa

Did not do Callanetics today as used energy for digging out plants.

Indian Style Celeriac 'chips'

Cut the celeriac into chip shapes.    In a bowl or if you prefer a plastic bag place 1 tablespoon turmeric,  a pinch of chilli powder and a pinch of salt.   Tip the chips into the spice mixture and coat them.  In a frying/chip pan melt lard or fat of your choice.  Add the spiced chips and cook as you would normal chips.

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