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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Trouted at T's - Tuesday 23 October 2012

Just had an horrendous shopping trip at T's. Over the last few weeks I have been using slightly more vouchers than usualas I'm stocking up for Christmas. Last week the checkout operator mentioned that she had been warned to make sure I had bought everything. This week I made doubly sure that every coupon and item matched up. As soon as I arrived at the checkout ( I always use the same one) the girl said she had been instructed to call the Supervisor over when I arrived. Two Supervisors appeared and started to check items with coupons before they even went through the till. They accepted some coupons and not others . Amongst the ones rejected were some for Heinz soup (which is on special offer) their reason 'it was a photocopy' yet it had been printed off the same computer and printer as other coupons which had been accepted. I pointed this out but they still refused. I told them I no longer wanted the soup and would complain to head office. When I got home I realised the soup had still been put through. I'm too tired and upset to take it back. I have just come off the phone, rather embarrassingly I burst into tears whilst explaining what happened. I explained I have ME and any stress exacerbates it. They gave me a ref number and said they will get back to me. It was really horrible.

B:  Bakewell Porridge
L: Peanuts (was too upset and didn't feel like eating)
T: Smoked haddock, celeriac 'chips'  1 tbsp peas

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