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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Frustrating Day - Thursday 25 October 2012

B: Fried egg & 2 rashers of bacon
L: Spam & salad.  Peanuts.
T: Pilchard curry, Indian style celeriac chips & spinach bhaji.  Mug of Cocoa

Day didn't start off too well.   Man arrived to replace fence in garden.  Opened the door to discover the plants I thought OH had dug out the night before were still there, was NOT impressed.   So before breakfast had to go out and start cutting down stems ready for digging out.  OH then appeared and dug them out.

After breakfast decided to discover why the printer was not printing correctly.  Took me most of the morning to find instructions for cleaning the nozzle and print heads as was not in the manual or on the Epson website.  Was going to get Ebay parcels prepared today but on double checking discovered the items had not been paid for yet  so was unable to do that.  

This afternoon I'm hoping to do some more swotting to qualify as a mystery shopper. Was hoping today would be less frustrating/stressful than the last two, hopefully this afternoon will be.

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