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Saturday, 13 October 2012

'Chips' - Saturday 13 October 2012

B: Raspberry low carb 'cheesecake'
L: Sardine salad.  Peanuts
D: Spicy prawns with celeriac chips & roasted green beans.  2 squares 84% chocolate.

Tried Celeriac 'chips' tonight and ........ they're gorgeous! Definitely a favourite up there with roasted green beans. So nice to have something different on the menu. I can see them becoming a real comfort food. I just melted some lard in a roasting dish, placed the 'chips' in it, then sprinkled with salt and cajun spices but to be honest I think I would enjoy them even without the spices. Hmmm - think I might try some celeriac mash with my roast tomorrow.

Disappointed to see I'd gained 1lb this week but was comforted by the fact I'd lost another inch.

Finally Skyped DD2 and caught up with what she is doing.  Had not heard from her for 2 weeks.  It was lovely being able to see and hear her.

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