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Monday, 15 October 2012

Where Did the Day Go! - 15 October 2012

B; Fried egg and 3 rashers of bacon
L: 2 roast chicken thights with salad
D: Roast Beef, mashed swede, cabbage, broccoli & sprouts
Callanetics - 35 mins.

Decided I am going to try Monday to Friday without berries or chocolate to see if I can lose any more weight.  If I get cravings or peckish I will have a cup of cocoa instead.

Today has just flown by.  This morning was taken up with doing Callenetics and having a shower, and printing off coupons for tomorrow's shop..  Then it was lunch which was interrupted by a few phone calls and now it is already tea time and DS wants his turn on the computer.  Hoping to get ironing done tonight after tea.

Was hoping to do a few surveys but for some reason could not access my email, of course its sorted now I no longer have time to do any.

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