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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Baking Day - Thursday 4 October 2012

B: 2 sausages & fried egg
L: Lamb 'broth'  and 4 chunks of cheese
D: Chicken curry & vegetable bhaji.  Blueberries and cream.

Snack: 2 squares 70% chocolate

Callanetics: 35 mins

Had a lovely day baking.  I made:

1 large rhubarb pie
1 small rhubarb pie
1 rhubarb & ginger cake
1 rhubarb crumble
1 doz mince pies
4 cheese straws
1 doz chocolate crispy cakes.

The pies and cake are for Christmas hampers or table top sale, the crumble is for Father in law to enjoy, the mince pies and cheese straws are in the freezer for over Christmas time, and the crispy cakes are for DS packed lunches.  Its a long time since I've enjoyed baking so much, just as well as there's plenty to do.  Next time I bake it will be things with apple as Father in law brought round a large bucket full at the beginning of the week.

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